Integrated System

Ever wanted to ditch all the different controllers for the multiple devices in your home? Securityicam can install an all-in-one touch-screen device from top manufacturers depending on the budget. This can take the place of virtually every button and switch inside your home, turning your house into a smart home of the future. Just imagine being able to turn your lights on, adjust the music volume, and check in on your home’s security, all with a single mobile device.


  • Lighting control throughout the house, including dimming
  • Activation and volume control for your audio speaker systems
  • The ability to turn on, monitor, and change what is being shown on any given TV set in the house
  • Unlock doors from inside the house or when you’re out and about
  • Video intercom, you can see who rings your bell. You can answer if you are inside the house or when you’re out
  • Burglar alarm, protect your family and home 24/7
  • Monitor home security systems in real-time, and view live feeds from security cameras from any location
  • Turn on devices that are typically activated by a wall switch, such as warming the spa or pool

Adjust indoor temperature for your optimum comfort for when you get home or while you’re away