Burglar Alarms

Securityicam can provide you with the safety to know that your home, business or valuables are protected by a company that is “Committed to your Security.” Burglaries and thefts are some of the most frequent crimes. You can attach a burglar alarm to just about any entrance or exit, even outbuildings such as sheds and barns. An alarm system will notify the police in case of a breach on your property. We also install water and temperature sensors that monitor your home to protect it against water damage caused by leaks.


Your family would be safer at home

Our objective has always been to protect our clients from loss and provide them with peace of mind. To achieve this, we call upon all our skills, experience and breadth of in-house services and products.

Wireless Alarms

The main difference between wireless burglar alarms and hard-wired burglar alarms is that the main component parts of the device communicate via radio signals as opposed to an electrical wired connection.

The advantages of wireless burglar alarms:


  • Disruption due to installation is minimal compared with a hard-wired burglar alarm, for example, removal of floorboards, plastering, etc.
  • Alarm sensors are not dictated by wiring issues, so can be placed almost anywhere.
  • Wireless burglar alarms can be removed relatively easily and re-installed in another building. This makes them suitable for tenants in rented accommodation.
  • If the level of security needs changing or a building is extended, additional sensors can be easily added.

Wireless burglar alarms are considered to be just as reliable as hard-wired burglar alarms but it important to remember that they are more suited to houses and smaller businesses as opposed to large commercial buildings as they have a limited transmission distance.

Unfortunately, there is no indication that burglary rates will fall in the future so it is not surprising that the demand for burglar alarms is growing.