Access Control

A natural development from a mechanical system is to replace the mechanical key with an electronic token. This token can take the shape of a key, a card, a fob or can even be your own personal biometric information. This system gives you total protection.

This is where electronic access control systems have an enormous advantage over mechanical systems, where each token, fob or biometric signature is unique and can be programmed or traced throughout the system. If you have areas that need to be secured with authorized access control then a biometric fingerprint reader, swipe card, or keypad access system is something to consider. The access control systems can operate doors, gates, and barriers.

If an access control token is lost, not only can it be removed from the system very easily, but if the token is used again it can raise an alarm. Securityicam supplies and installs card access control system equipment to meet virtually any need. We can supply the products and expert installation. Smart card readers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations and offer high quality.


Biometric access control systems can scan and approve a fingerprint image immediately. The reader transmits the image to a server, where it is compared against a database of stored fingerprints. A biometric fingerprint reader can also be used for time and attendance management. A keypad is a more traditional approach. A keypad system allows you to enter with just a few pushes of a button.