What We Offer?

Home Security

We understand your need to protect your home from potential harm. Securityicam provides quality and reliable solutions. Our company has extensive experience in this field.

Business Security

Securityicam increases the safety and security of your business. Owning a business is challenging, and we are here to help you overcome the challenges and obstacles.

Hospitals & Hotels

Securityicam is a leader in providing security systems according to the customer’s security requirements. Hospitals have a big responsibility to keep their patients safe.


Free visit from our engineer within 24 hours of treatment and 24 hours support by phone

How it Works?

You need to feel safe in your home or property. That’s why we are here to help you achieve peace of mind. Just imagine you have to travel if your family is unprotected you would not have peace of mind. Installing a security system will make your life much easier and you can feel safer knowing that your family is protected by modern technology and security services. Securityicam has very professional staff and we offer our clients the best security services. We offer the following services:

We offer a free estimate

We can design a security system that fits your security needs and budget. Our trained, licensed and experienced security professionals will work with you to design a unique solution to fit your needs. SecurityiCam provides a complete range of security, design, consulting and system planning services. Our qualified technicians can work to strict requirements and high standards.


Our highly trained engineers and installers specialize in the design, installation, implementation, and service of functional and sophisticated security systems specific to your environment and requirements. We design systems that provide perfect functionality and reliability. Our installers will professionally install and wire your security network, and make sure everything is working as it should. Finally, they will fully test the system.


Securityicam supplies these systems and provides installation, repair, and maintenance so that your security system functions perfectly all of the time. And we will attend to any issues that may arise. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. We are ready to provide expert advice to help you have an efficient security system in your business or home. We offer special pricing, so call now to arrange a consultation.

Our Features

A few advantages that you get

View Live Cameras

Monitor home security systems in real-time, and view live feeds from security cameras from any location

Video Intercom

Video intercom, allows you to see who rings your bell, you can answer if you are inside the house or when you’re out.

Burglar Alarm

Arm/disarm your system from your smart device and protect your family and home 24/7.

Lighting Control

Lighting control throughout your home or office, including dimming.

Adjust Temperature

Adjust indoor temperature for your optimum comfort when you get home or while you’re away.

Control Audio System

Free visit from our engineer within 24 hours of treatment and 24 hours support by phone.


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